Thursday, May 6, 2010

So much has happened, I don't know where to begin. I guess the best would be, as the song says, "start at the very beginning..."

One of my daughter's spirit fridays' at school was crazy hair day. Many of the kids did multi ponytails and colored their hair, but not my girl! She went all out with her craziness.

We then decided to move out of state and back closer to family. So of course the kids had to say good bye to their friends at school.

And we said good-bye to our friends and neighbors:

We had the fun of loading our moving truck ourselves amongst sun and snow. Fortunately, we didn't have to load while it was snowing.

We arrived to our new destination in time to celebrate Easter and Praise our Lord for all he's done for us and watched over us.

The kids are enrolled in their new schools and fitting in easily. They're both very social kids. Although it was a little tougher for Bartek this time around. But they're doing great.

Our house was up for sale and sold within 30 days, the buyers wanted to take advantage of being under contract by April 30th, so we have a closing to look forward to at the end of May.

And yesterday I was offered a job position that I've been interviewing for for the past month, and I accepted!

Life is good, and we're loving living it!

I hope this will hold people for a little while. I would imagine this summer we'll have plenty to post as we're closer to family and have a lot of things planned to do.


  1. I LOVE your daughter's hairstyle. My daughter wakes up like that every morning. Sometimes I have nightmares about it.

    Today I have to take her to get a haircut because tomorrow is picture day.
    I had planned on this haircut day for two weeks. I was all excited that she'll have a beautiful new haircut for picture day.
    I was ready for a new professional photo of my beautiful girl.

    And then...she lost a front tooth yesterday.


    I might just send her to school with the crazy hairstyle and label her photo "getting ready for dressing up as a witch for haloween."

  2. Moving closer to family sounds like a great reason to move. I'm so happy for you that your move worked out- house sold, new job, good transition to school. Congrats! Enjoy!

  3. Congratulations on EVERYTHING! Wow, has your family been keeping busy! I am so glad life is working out so well! Have fun!

  4. I love the hair!! Congrats on selling your house, a successful move & new job! We moved to a new house in April and still haven't sold the old one. I'm happy you don't have that stress, especially being in another state :-)

  5. Fabulous news on the house and job. And it is so great to hear that the kids are settling in so nicely in their new school! Change is not always easy.

    Those pictures of Kasia are great! I'm tempted to show them to my child who begs me to help him with his hair every morning. He is constantly telling me, "My hair is enormous!" and wants me to straighten it out.... Once he sees a picture of Kasia's he will never think of "enormous" hair in the same way! :)