Saturday, April 10, 2010

We are Family!

Hello friends and family,

Welcome to our new blogsite. This site will be strictly for those who are just interested in keeping up with our family as far as where we are, where we're working, what we've been doing and all the mundane family goings ons. No words of advice and no agenda, just us.

I hope you enjoy sharing with us, Life as we Live it!

The Rzentkowski's


  1. Love your new site's look. We'll still be here checking in to see how life is going for you all. :) Hope all is well!

  2. The new blog looks great and I love the most recent photo of your family. It always amazes me how much everyone looks like everyone else regarding Polish adoption. You seriously look like you were always meant to be a family. I am so happy for you as your family life continues to happily marinate.

  3. Love your new picture, looking forward keeping track of all the new family adventures on your new blog :-)

  4. Will be checking here regularly. Thank you for keeping up with your blogging. It's nice to see a family settle down to normal life.

  5. I love it and the title is perfect! I'm looking forward to following along! This is the best part of the adoption process! There's nothing better than family!