Monday, May 17, 2010

It has happened....

It has happened, my 6 year old daughter no longer wants to be known by her Polish name. She wants to be known only as her American name. When we ask what about (K), where is she? She says she's back in Poland. I've read this once before on a fellow blogger's blog, but I didn't think it would happen to ours since they're older. How sad, we've called her by her Polish name from day one, and her brother has called her that forever. Speaking of her brother, he keeps switching back and forth from which name he wants to use. How confusing this must be for them.

Otherwise, they're doing great. Just counting down the days 'til school ends and summer vacation begins!

Oh, and I start my new job on Wednesday! Yahoo!!!! Life is grand!


  1. I actually think it's fantastic that they are "adopting" their new names. It is sort of a transition or an awareness that "this is it, I'm feeling good here, I want to stay here!"

    Our kids switched to their American names within the first two weeks of coming to America.

    But when my kids communicate with anyone from Poland they use their Polish names. So they have a very distinct separation.

  2. That is really interesting, thank you for sharing.

    Congrats on the new job! I am looking forward to meeting you at Polish Fest!

  3. I didn't know your kiddos had new American names... how did I miss that! :) Like all things adoption related, I am sure that it takes time to adjust to the names for some kids, and others jump on the band wagon right away.

    With Chris, we Americanized the spelling and pronunciation of his name, but did not change it. At first, when he spoke with Polish folks, he liked going by the Polish pronunciation. Nowadays, when he hears the Polish pronunciation, he wrinkles his nose up in embarrassment. I imagine if we give him a few more years, he'll like it again... These are big transitions for these little kiddos.

    Hope everything goes well tomorrow with the new job!

  4. As parents we try so hard to hold onto many things from their past to comfort them and show them how important their culture is. I think I would be a little sad to about her dropping her name. However, it does show a level of independence and that she is definitely identifying with her new life style. The Adjustment Continues! It always amazes me when I stop to think about everything adoptive children go through. It's a whole new world and life for them!

    Best of luck on Day one of the new job! It will be great!

  5. The little ones grow up so fast don't they? By now you have started your new job. I hope it is going well. I am just ending my school year (I teach high school kids) and I can't wait. One more week for me.

    Has there been any more mention regarding meeting for the Polish Festival? Are there a group of bloggers meeting? We are traveling from Nebraska, so we haven't decided for sure if we will be coming, but it is on my calendar for sure. Could you please email me with any information ?